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Technologies and mass-exchange equipment for oil refining and petrochemical industries

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IMPA Engineering Ltd

Field of activity of IMPA Engineering Ltd is modernization of existent and development of new technological installations for oil refining and petrochemical industries.
Company’s specialists have great experience and skill on modernization of installations for lube-oil selective treatment and residue oil deasphalting.
IMPA Engineering Ltd realizes a comprehensive approach to implementation of works from research and preliminary design to delivery, mounting, fettling and commissioning of equipment:

            1. inspection of existent units and equipment;
            2. development of source data for design;
            3. development of basic projects and detailed designs;
            4. production and delivery of equipment;
            5. supervision over building, mounting, fettling and commissioning (as a General contractor).

Historical root of IMPA Engineering Ltd was a liquid extraction research group. It was established at Ufa State Oil Technological University by Doctor of Technical Science G.K. Ziganshin in the 1980s.
In 1991, as a result of expansion of group’s field of activity, research-and-production firm IMPA was created.
Nowadays, the company is named IMPA Engineering Ltd.

IMPA Engineering Ltd have

  • a rich scientific base with acknowledged methodical grounds of improvement of mass-exchange processes with the use of mathematical and laboratory simulation,
  • a laboratory base with stands for research of fluid dynamics and phase mass-exchange in extraction and rectification processes,
  • know-how, experience and author’s rights on contacting devices, distributing devices, mass-exchange trays and technological schemes.


  • more than 200 articles;
  • about 30 patents and author’s certificates;
  • works on modernization of industrial installation since 1980.

At JSC “Neftehimmash” (Kumertau, Bashkortostan, Russian Federation),
Developed production and launched series manufacture of

  • regular tower packing RN-IMPA-01 for extraction columns of residue oil deasphalting units (technical specification TU 3611-001-50789004-2006),
  • regular tower packing RN-IMPA-02 for extraction columns of lube-oil selective treatment units (technical specification TU 3611-003-50789004-2006),
  • jet mixers SSR-IMPA-01, SSR-IMPA-02 for feed preparation devices (technical specification ТU 3615-002-50789004-2006).

JSC “Salavatneftemash” (Salavat, Bashkortostan, Russian Federation).
Strong partnership. One of the biggest Russian plants producing equipment for petrochemistry, oil refining and oil production:

  • column equipment,
  • heat-exchange equipment,
  • reservoirs.
01.Research and development  
05.Fettling and commissioning  
06.Support and service  



12 – 13 Nov 2008, IV International Conference «Lubricants Russia 2008»


1 – 3 Oct 2008, SUZDAL
Production and engineering company RIDAN held conference...


22 Sep 2008, Moscow
Refining & Petrochemicals Business Conference & Exhibition


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