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Technologies and mass-exchange equipment for oil refining and petrochemical industries

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Ecological safety


An ecological policy of IMPA Engineering Ltd developed according to the Russian Federation strategy of ecological safety and rational use of natural resources. The policy determines principles, goals, tasks and main directions in environmental protection and ecological safety on long-term period. Effectiveness of the ecological policy is estimated by quantitative and specific indexes.

Main principles of the ecological policy

  • admission of human constitutional rights to favorable environment;
  • admission of the priority of ecological safety as an essential part of the national safety;
  • energy saving and rational use of natural resources at all phases of production;
  • development of ecologically efficient (pure) production;
  • introduction of high-tech units and modern environmental technologies promoting decrease of influence on environment; 
  • admission of management and investment decisions on the basis of multivariate workup taking into account ecological priorities;
  • decrease of waste products and ecologically safe treatment of waste products;
  • openness and accessibility to ecological data.

Goal and primary directions of the ecological policy

The goal of the ecological policy is increase of the ecological safety level, preservation of favorable environment, biological diversity and natural resources owing to development of reliable and ecologically safe production and comprehensive approach to use of natural resources.

Primary directions

  • technological reequipment and gradual withdrawal of obsolete equipment, introduction of the most efficient technologies;
  • improvement of technological processes of production, realization of energy saving actions;
  • decrease of waste products and ecologically safe treatment of waste products.

It’s necessary to organize

  • a periodic ecological audit of IMPA Engineering Ltd;
  • planning of the economic activity taking into account the ecological indexes, estimation and management of the latter;
  • professional development of the personnel responsible for industrial and ecological safety;
  • realization of ecological monitoring, issuing of ecological reports;
  • ecological risks management, development and realization of arrangements for ecological risks reduction, compensation of costs due to pollution of the environment;
  • development and introduction of economical methods of  stimulation of decrease of pollution of the environment;
  • compliance of contractors executing works on IMPA Engineering Ltd objects with occupational, industrial and ecological safety standards and regulations;
  • revision, correction and improvement of the ecological policy.


Realization of the ecological policy will allow

  • reduction of pollution of the environment;
  • increase of competitiveness;
  • increase of capitalization and investment attraction of IMPA Engineering Ltd;
  • increase social responsibility level of IMPA Engineering Ltd.
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